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Read how a “Starfish Story” created a socio-economic model that is bridging the unemployment gap among the blind!

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Harvard Innovation Lab startup Experfy works with Project Starfish

Harvard Innovation Lab startup Experfy appreciates the work our Blind members are doing Pre-Launch!

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Project Starfish Members

Read more about our Members: 15% are MBA’s, 50% have Master degrees, 3 countries, 2 Continents!

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Welcome to Project STARFISH America :

“An experiential and inclusive business opportunity  platform for the blind/visually impaired to Learn, Earn, Grow and become Employable”

83% of start-ups and small businesses fail every 5 years due the lack of affordable talent. While 80% of the blind in the country have no other source of income, yet several being quite talented. At Project Starfish, we make both work together to solve their problems. Its an honest and sincere initiative to solve unemployment problems and expand the country’s economy, by creating opportunities

Project Starfish : Details

What do we do? How do we do? Why do we do it?

What is Project  Starfish :

Project Starfish has several perspectives.

1. It is an Organization,

2. A Socio-Economic Model,

3. A Training model and

4. An Experiential Opportunity platform  for blind/visually impaired individuals who are unemployed, have no source of income yet talented. They experience mainstream businesses, apply their skills and help grow them by working on short, part-time projects.

Project Starfish trains the blind and creates a contemporary skilled virtual workforce who work from their home, who help small businesses and start-ups grow by providing business development services, in turn getting paid directly by the businesses.   A perfect Win-Win!

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What we do at Project Starfish :

Project Starfish is entirely a new socio-economic business model, that intends to reduce the rate of unemployment among the blind/disabled. It is scalable, repeatable, predictable, results driven and the more we do it creates business impact and social impact simultaneously. It creates new jobs that never existed, it helps expand the country’s economy, also expands the number of jobs in the arena of blind workers which never existed.

At Project Starfish here is what we do :

We groom and create highly employable, multi-experienced, multi skilled, business ready blind professionals. They come in with half a page of resume and leave with Experience, Recommendation, Hands on Learning, Management skills and of course money! 

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Why we do, what we do?

If you are sighted and reading this section, we would like you to think for 5 minutes that you are blind. No lights, No vision, Not able to read a book the way you read before, not being able to see your loved ones, not being able to walk the way you did before, not able to watch the best movie you did before, not being able to drive the car that you did before… and the list goes on! Fear creeps in, the chilling sensation of desperation and demotivation trickles in; and you feel this is your death. Most people fear blindness than cancer.

But no one wants to be blind themselves! Some are born with birth conditions, some develop blindness and some are inflicted by circumstances. But the truth is – no one voluntarily wanted to be blind. Despite these challenges, the blind stand as an inspiration today to anyone in society. Despite problems, challenges, society is yet to accept them. Humanity has taken a jet-set life forgetting its duty of lending ones hand to help them. Humanity has only been judgmental.

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Kenneth Jernigan and Father Carroll , talked about ” Given the right training and the right opportunity, the blind can prosper and blindness is just a mere nuisance”.

Yet, unfortunately society moves very fast specially with big strides in technology and evolution in business. Despite talent, nearly 80% of the blind adult population in the United States suffer from a crisis. Unemployment! In Canada it is near 97%, and in other countries perhaps in India and China in is 99.9%.

There is no doubt a new creative training, an inclusive business training platform needs to be created. At Project Starfish 80% of our members are engaged with mainstream businesses like Project RAY, Harvard University Innovation Lab startup Experfy, and several other businesses.  We have worked so far with over 24 businesses. How are we doing it? How are we Training people?

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Vision of the Founders:

Project Starfish stands as hope to millions of blind/disabled people all over the world, who want to work, create business impact, be contributing citizens to the country, look out for opportunities, prove themselves and be inclusive in today’s business world. We stand as inspiration to millions of blind across the world as an epitome of a socio-economic model that can bridge the unemployment gap.

We create highly employable blind people, create income for them and create a workforce that works with startups/small businesses who need the talent. We make it happen!

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We started in Sept 2013 officially. We started off with an idea of possibility. In 6 months we have really changed the game.

Here are some statistics:

  1. Total members : Around 30. Except the Founders, everyone is blind or visually impaired, and were unemployed at start.
  2. Education          : 15% of our members are MBA holders. 50% are Master degree holders. 50% are women.
  3. Age                             :  From 19 years of age to 76 years of age.
  4. Income                   : Some earn $100/month, while some earn over $800/month. Most range between the amount.
  5. Employability   : Since we are always expanding, typically 70 to 80% members make an income. Many start making an income in the first month itself.

Businesses            :

  1. We have worked/work with nearly 2 dozen businesses ranging from 1 member company to million dollar companies.
  2. 20% of our businesses are international in nature. Denmark, Canada, Israel and soon Latin America.
  3. We work with Harvard Innovation Lab ( Harvard University) startups.

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Our success so far has been quite stunning. We create the right opportunity for ambitious and talented blind professionals who want to prove themselves , experience real work, apply their skills and move a step towards becoming employable. Some statistics are here!
  • Businesses working month on month 80%
  • Employment for the Blind 81%
  • Satisfaction rating 85%
  • International Business 22%
Contact us: Link

Contact Us:

If you are blind/visually impaired, unemployed, ambitious, open to learn, be teachable and ready to invest time to Learn, Earn, Grow and be Teachable , feel free to reach out to us. Alternatively email : subs@pstarfish.org ; or call USA # 508.395.6379 

Volunteer: Donate Time not $

Volunteer: Donate Time not $

Volunteer with us! Its intellectual in nature, and its virtual. With respect we decline any financial charity/handout/financial support. Please donate your skills for 60 mins, share and inspire.

Media Enquiry Link

Media Enquiry

Want us to speak about the social change and Business impact we are creating? We do that quite regularly. Or email us : subs@pstarfish.org or call USA# 508.395.6379

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Note: If you  want , you can also send an email to subs@pstarfish.org

Phone number to call : USA: 508.395.6379

Contact us for Training/Feedback/Media Enquiry or email us at subs@pstarfish.org

Client: Harvard Innovation Lab : Experfy

Client : Harvard Innovation Lab , startup Experfy. Experfy plans to become a huge Big Data/Analytics marketplace. We work on Business research, Media, Contact mining and Social media data mining.

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Client: Project RAY : Israel

Client : Project RAY from Israel has launched one of the best cellphones for the blind and Visually impaired. Project Starfish members work with them on Sales, Customer service, Marketing, Alliances.

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Client Name:

Client: Reliable IT

We have been working with Reliable -IT for 7 months, on Research and content writing

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Client: XDuce Corporation

Client: Xduce Corporation , based out of NJ. Our members are working on Recruitment Research, Customer Service and Educational sales

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Client: Our Mama Rocks from Denmark

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Client: FitYap.com

Client: Fityap.com , we worked on Customer research and Customer service


Client: Ubersimple is a an mobile app developer that is revolutionizing the way people network in the arena of real estate. we did content writing, customer service and Business research

Client: Voicee from Israel

Client : Voicee, based out of Israel is revolutionizing the way speech is processed. We worked on Content writing, and now will be working on other functions.

Client: BPI Strategy

Client : BPI Strategy is one of our Management Consulting clients. We work with them in the field of Business Analysis, which is of highly intellectual nature.