Welcome to Project STARFISH America

We are an integrated business program and a platform, that creates contemporary work experience for talented yet unemployed blind, visually impaired and people with disabilities. Learn, Work, Earn, build contemporary Work experience, Network with businesses and become Employable

Welcome to Project STARFISH

Project Starfish is the first Global, 100% inclusive, professional Experiential Learning Platform that creates work opportunities for unemployed  Blind/ Disabled/ Veterans/ No income Single Moms/ Students / Homeless  etc , to Learn, Earn, Grow professionally and become employable. The Platform is run with no Charity, Handouts or Donations! This is one of the few organizations that creates business impact and social impact equally.


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Starfish Story creates the Biggest professional empowerment movement

There are so many unemployed Blind/ disabled / Veterans/ Homeless / Moms /Students , all looking for opportunities, because they hardly get any. What if you and I can contribute towards their employment… that too without a single $ of charity or handout!

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Harvard Innovation Lab startup Experfy works with Project Starfish

Yes, the blind still work with Harvard Innovation Lab startup Experfy www.experfy.com . We do business research, customer service, appointment setting etc. We have worked on pivotal market analytics project with Harvard Fellows and many more. Our blind professionals create value.

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Mass Commission for the Blind, recommends our work!

Not only the Massachusetts Comm for the blind talks highly about us, there are several organizations , universities who appreciate the empowerment movement. The Chicago Tribune article is an example of partnerships we are creating with AbilityLinks.org , click here

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Project Starfish Members

Read more about our Members: 15% are MBA’s, 50% have Master degrees, 5 countries, 4 Continents!

We have trained over 50 professionals, and have generated income for over 34 of them. Many have left for full time employment.

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Welcome to Project STARFISH America :

” An Experiential business learning and Opportunity platform to Learn, Earn, Grow, get relevant Work Experience and become employable “

Millions of emerging businesses fail to generate money , despite having a great product or service. Having a great plan, strategy or product is really not enough ;  they do not get the hands or the resources to generate money.

On the other hand there are millions of blind unemployed professionals, disabled unemployed professionals, homeless , wounded or  disabled veterans etc who have the talent/education,  but do not get the opportunity to learn, earn, gather relevant experience and get back to the workforce.

Project Starfish creates a virtual Experiential business learning and Opportunity platform, that transform these people looking for opportunities to learn, earn , grow and gather work experience by becoming smart workers helping emerging businesses grow. Its a model that creates business impact and social impact. It changes lives, brings hope to those who need opportunity and augments the economy by creating new jobs and keeping the jobs in the country.


Project Starfish: Who benefit?

Blind/ V.I.

This is a place where you can create an impact! You do not need to travel. As long you have a Phone, a Computer, Internet and you are willing to learn, this is the right place for you. Click here or on the image to learn more.


For Veterans:

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If you are Veteran, wounded, disabled, homeless, Transitioning from civilian life… this is the place. Learn, Earn, get your Economic independence back.


For Students :

Ever heard of the biggest Catch 22  “Can’t get a job because of no experience, and with no experience can’t get a job”

To know more about this Experienceship – click here

Single Moms

Single Moms, if you want to get back to the workforce and be independent, this is the place. You are homeless, no income, on disability – All you need is a Phone/Internet and a Computer.


Project Starfish : IMPACT

We create three kinds of Impact. We are perhaps the few business models that create Business and Social Impact together

Economic Impact

We  create new Jobs! We create a Workforce to help emerging Businesses grow by providing them with a trained, skilled and managed workforce! We create entrepreneurs who have contemporary skills.


Social Impact

We Create Social Impact. We empower the disabled/ Blind/ Vets/Students/ Single Moms . We create opportunity for them, we create Economic independence and  bring Hope in their lives!


We help bring Leaders of today to experience how the Blind/ Disabled etc can do the same work as they do, but differently. That is true Empathy, so people are aware and are truly humbled at the way they create impact if given an opportunity. The world really needs the “Human Spirit” in people to shed aside differences and work with each other.

Project Starfish : A little more detail!

What do we do? How do we do? Why do we do it?


Millions of blind / disabled / veterans / homeless do NOT have employment or a source of income except perhaps social security!

A detailed root cause analysis shows despite talent and ability, they lack contemporary skills, they do not get the opportunity to learn, experience real work, augment professional work experience and earn an income by creating business impact because the only way people can do so is by getting a job. Ever heard of the problem ” I don’t have a job because I don’t have experience, and because I don’t have the experience, I can’t get a job”. Its the biggest Catch 22 in society, today! 

Truthfully, an experiential platform to empower, learn, experience, network, engage and gather work experience is absent, globally!

Project Starfish Logo: A 5 pointed star or Starfish ( orange color) on a white background


The solution is Project Starfish! We find those people who are ambitious, willing to learn, interested in getting employed and have the passion to get back to the workforce and realize their dreams of being employed, live a life of dignity, contribute like any other person in society and create economic independence.

We have an “ experiential training in a box ” that ramps those people to understand businesses, ramp up their skills into contemporary nature, network with businesses and contribute to helping businesses grow and earn an income. People experience real work, and get paid by customers directly, build their resume and move on to full time jobs when the opportunity arises. The platform is virtual and can scale to cities, states, countries and continents. 

Project Starfish is perhaps the only Global experiential learning platform in the whole world that creates business impact and social impact at the same time, thus quite sustainable. We really create true impact, globally!

Our success so far has been quite stunning. We create the right opportunity for ambitious and talented blind professionals/ Veterans and even students who want to prove themselves , experience real work, apply their skills and move a step towards becoming employable. We have created an income for over 34 professionals, Trained over 50 professionals in 5 Countries, worked with over 40 businesses many International , Some statistics are here!

  • Businesses working month on month 80%
  • Employment for the Blind 81%
  • Satisfaction rating 85%
  • International Business 22%
  • Number of People Trained against total joined 80%%
  • Retention 90%%
  • Spread among States of USA 50%%
Contact us: Link

Contact Us:

If you are blind/visually impaired/ Disabled/ veterans / students etc, unemployed, ambitious, open to learn, be teachable and ready to invest time to Learn, Earn, Grow and be Teachable , feel free to reach out to us. Alternatively email : subs@pstarfish.org ; or call USA # 508.395.6379 

Volunteer: Donate Time not $

Volunteer: Donate Time not $

Volunteer with us! Its intellectual in nature, and its virtual. With respect we decline any financial charity/handout/financial support. Please donate your skills for 60 mins, share and inspire.

Media Enquiry Link

Media Enquiry

Want us to speak about the social change and Business impact we are creating? We do that quite regularly. Or email us : subs@pstarfish.org or call USA# 508.395.6379

Please use the Contact Form below to send us a message.

Note: If you  want , you can also send an email to subs@pstarfish.org

Phone number to call : USA: 508.395.6379

Contact us for Training/Feedback/Media Enquiry or email us at subs@pstarfish.org

Client: Harvard Innovation Lab : Experfy

Client : Harvard Innovation Lab , startup Experfy. Experfy plans to become a huge Big Data/Analytics marketplace. We work on Business research, Media, Contact mining and Social media data mining.

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Client: Project RAY : Israel

Client : Project RAY from Israel has launched one of the best cellphones for the blind and Visually impaired. Project Starfish members work with them on Sales, Customer service, Marketing, Alliances.

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Client Name:

Client: Reliable IT

We have been working with Reliable -IT for 7 months, on Research and content writing

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Client: XDuce Corporation

Client: Xduce Corporation , based out of NJ. Our members are working on Recruitment Research, Customer Service and Educational sales

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Client: Our Mama Rocks from Denmark

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Client: FitYap.com

Client: Fityap.com , we worked on Customer research and Customer service


Client: Ubersimple is a an mobile app developer that is revolutionizing the way people network in the arena of real estate. we did content writing, customer service and Business research

Client: Voicee from Israel

Client : Voicee, based out of Israel is revolutionizing the way speech is processed. We worked on Content writing, and now will be working on other functions.

Client: BPI Strategy

Client : BPI Strategy is one of our Management Consulting clients. We work with them in the field of Business Analysis, which is of highly intellectual nature.