There are several things that we do : And we will discuss what sets us apart.


We are a complete Virtual Program; Everyone works from home. One needs a computer, internet and a phone. No travelling problems, get connected -a phone call away, join the telephone discussions. Its a Contemporary style of business training! As more and more businesses move to the cloud, services will all be remote. Lets prepare for it!
We are highly focused on businesses. We are hands on, real time, industry focused, case study focused, problem focused. We impart information that the Founder has learnt over the past 15 years, and its different. Please go to the contact page to schedule a conversation.
Trainees undergo a 30 day ramp up training using the Harvard case study model. Till date we have discussed 1000 of these. We ensure people learn three skills at least, its needed to have backup plans.
We connect the business blocks very carefully by observing peoples talents. We put the pieces of industry, processes, supply chains, value chains and other important tenets into one. In 30 days people get to know how businesses work + their skills. Then we start engaging businesses to work with our members.

If you are blind/visually impaired and have the requirements we need use the contact form below to write to us. Or email your resume to

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