We Find Talent

We find Talented blind people, who are teachable, ambitious , have skills and want to become employable!

We Train!

We train them! We train hard, and We train smart! We act like a professional office, this is real deal.

We create a Virtual Workforce

Every blind professional work virtually creative a massive on-demand, multi-skilled, scalable workforce.

We engage with Mainstream businesses

We engage startups/small biz to work with this workforce, creating a business camaraderie. Thus solving Unemployment challenges among the blind.


Project Starfish creates employable blind people. 80% of blind/visually impaired people are unemployed. We are trying to include them with mainstream businesses to experience real work and become employable. But we do much, much more than that. Here are some details:

1. We RECRUIT : We find talented people, who are ambitious and teachable.

2. We TRAIN       : We train them on contemporary business skills. Sales, Marketing, Social media Promo, Customer service, Content writing, Operations, Business Research and Appointment setting are the skills we train them. Every business needs these services.

3. We create a Virtual TALENT Pool: The model is virtual. People work from home. They need a computer, Internet and a phone. The talent now behaves as a massive on-demand, that behaves like a shared service.

4. We ENGAGE and make INCLUSIVE : We work with mainstream, real businesses and invite them to work with us. Most of them do. They pay directly. Project Starfish doesn’t take a cut. Its a free platform for deserved blind professionals so far. We dont accept donations, charity or handouts. The Founders support it themselves.

RESULTS: We create highly employable blind professionals to solve unemployment problems. 70 to 80% of our members are engaged with businesses and have made money. Walk in with a half page resume, walk out with 6 pages, recommendations, industry experience, skills and money. However we only choose select people.