About two years back, a quote from Bill Drayton really inspired me about social change.

I just felt, it makes you walk the extra mile. The quote is below. Although I don’t believe in revolution for personal reasons, I do believe in “transformation and evolution of humanity”.

I believe if we can shed our ego and work together, we can all create opportunities for everyone.

Message from the Founder: Subhashish Acharya

Social entrepreneurs today are NOT just content to “give a fish” or even “teach fishing”. Some social entrepreneurs will not rest until the Revolutionize the fishing industry.

Bill Drayton: Founder of www.Ashoka.org

Project STARFISH is :

1. An experiential and inclusive business opportunity  platform for the blind/visually impaired to Learn, Earn, Grow and become Employable.

2. Creating a Virtual Workforce that works with and is shared among multiple small businesses/startups , making it affordable, on demand, scalable, manageable and repeatable.

83% of start-ups and small businesses fail every 5 years due the lack of affordable talent. While 80% of the blind in the country have no other source of income, yet several being quite talented. At Project Starfish, we make both work together to solve their problems. Its an honest and sincere initiative to solve unemployment problems and expand the country’s economy, by creating opportunities


Social Impact


80% blind people are facing unemployment, many are quite talented, we are bridging the gap, using our socio-economic model


80% of our members are engaged with business and have earned an income !

Business Impact


Yes, we create small jobs that never existed before. Although small , as we scale it will create millions of  new Money $ flow  in the country

Results: Business

We have worked with 24 Businesses, 5 of them being International. We work with Harvard Innovation Lab start-ups.

Economic Impact


We create new jobs that never existed, and strengthen startups/ small biz that contribute over 60% of economy of the country

Results: Economy

We create 40 NEW jobs every month, which were never there. We expand at 20% every month. We are 6 months old!



People working together, symbiotically, ushers the new age of transformation of humanity. Its called Empathic Co-Operation.

Result: Transformation

We have Billionaires, VPs, CEO’s , Coaches worldwide helping both sides progress, by volunteering their time. Transformation?
Picture: Professional people who are blind

Picture: Professional people who are blind

If you can see this image, you are sighted. Its typically difficult to understand blindness if you haven’t either experienced it or been with people who are blind. Is it fair to assume that no one wants to be blind by themselves? But blindness in some form does catchup. Either from birth, congenital defects, disease, accidents you name it.

Clearly, when society is predominantly sighted, someone who is blind does not get the same opportunities that most of us take for granted. Yet most blind people have picked themselves up, made major strides, educated themselves and naturally have talent.

Every blind person stands as an inspiration to society in the way they lead their lives. They can do what sighted people can do, thanks to technology now. However the biggest problem they face is in the arena of employment or making money. While they earn an income from social security, 80% don’t get opportunities to become employable. Many reasons as to why, however at Project Starfish makes a difference and impact by creating employable blind people, providing them contemporary business skills, creating a workforce and then helping them apply it at work with business ( start-ups/ small businesses) who need part-time talent.

IMPACT: Project STARFISH America  creates OPPORTUNITIES  and is SOLVING UNEMPLOYMENT challenges. We walk the talk every day, and is our philosophy.

A startup/small biz takes off like an airplane. It takes max effort at take off.

A startup/small biz takes off like an airplane. It takes max effort at take off.

Any country largely depends on small entrepreneurs. In the United States 50% to 60% of the economy depends on millions of small businesses exchanging products and services everyday.

However, bringing a startup/small biz from ground zero isn’t easy. It takes a lot of effort like an airplane. However, there aren’t as many resources available to them as large businesses. Venture capital companies want results before funding, so a startup is left with no choice but to start generating money.  Businesses need a biz dev force that is affordable and yet effective and skilled.

At Project Starfish, we train talented blind people who are unemployed to help businesses. Businesses need several skills like Sales,marketing, Customer service, Content writing, Business research, Business Analysis, Operations, Project management, Appointment setting , Social media promo… you name it. But they need a mixed bag of skills working as a team along with them.

Project Starfish creates these small jobs by finding the businesses who need them, and the businesses love the idea of part-time skilled workforce, who is virtual, manageable, scalable, on-demand to help them. These jobs are highly needed, yet they need to be discovered. They are Absolutely new jobs although small. Imagine a million businesses, thats how the potential is. Its BIG! Imagine an addition of millions of dollars. And Imagine the Business Impact here of growing these small companies to large ones.