Ben Partain picture: Black suite, white shirt and a red tie

Testimonials : Ben Partain as a Sourcer/ Recruiter

OpEd: Ben is 54, has been blind for over a decade. Wanted to learn new skills, get work experience and land a job. It took a little over 8 months for him to land a job, no blind person did before. Project Starfish gave him the learning, the opportunity and the work experience. Project Starfish is a platform that changes lives. Ben’s testimonial below in his own words.

I came to Project STARFISH Global hopeful but not fulfilled. I wanted to gain the skills to help support my family but was lacking raw inspiration. I had a series of interviews that helped me gain an understanding of that the whole organization was about, it was concerning the overall team/family concept. I was cynical and skeptical but willing to give things a try, Subhashish said it would be intellectually grueling, that wasn’t near enough to describe what I experienced.

I’d call it tough love: You need to care and advocate for yourself much more than any manager or team member might. Use your intellectual skills you had previously acquired but be open minded to learn,listen and apply these principles we learned every single day. I will be 54 in November, God willing, but I’m young at heart so having an open mind is critical in your success if you hang your hat here. The managers saw something in me, invited me to learn and give even more and I committed to the cause of freedom and learning wholeheartedly. I became Director of Business Integration after 6 months and hoped to set the agenda for talented sightless individuals and those with other challenges to break through and achieve their dreams. I gained valuable training in partnership with The sourcing Institute of Atlanta, Georgia and now I have the opportunity to be a Junior Recruiter/Sourcer and make a great living again thanks to the partners and leaders of Project STARFISH Global.The future is bright today and will be for you too if you commit to advocate for yourselves.

Project STARFISH Global has enriched my life by helping me stay motivated.I care deeply about the cause of blindness and the project reminds me of my commitment every single day. The project has created opportunities for whomever wants to work hard, advocate for themselves and more importantly others in the group. I’ve tried to excel through the inspiration of others and you can too through Project STARFISH Global.

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