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Are you a Student? Graduated or Graduating?

Get your work experience here!

The biggest Catch 22 for students who graduate or will graduate!

Break out of the Biggest Reality of all!

Without relevant work experience and contemporary skills - there is no Job!

There are millions of students who are educated, intelligent, professional yet unemployed because they do not have RELEVANT skills and CONTEMPORARY WORK EXPERIENCE!

The problem is simple :

1. Employers do not want to invest money on Training! There is too much of a supply.

2. Students have an education, but do not have contemporary skills and relevant Work experience.

3. Most students get into jobs which are not relevant or do not create work experience in the field they want.

 At Project Starfish, we have created something we term as EXPERIENCESHIP!

Learn, Work with real Customers, Earn, Augment your Resume, and leave for a Full time Job. The Platform is free of charge for only select students. 



The Answer lies in creating an Experiential Business Learning and Opportunity Platform where students :

1. Learn Skills.

2. Experience working in a Office environment

3.  Learn from Industry experts.

4. Create goals , Practice and Engage with Real customers.

5. Create Impact by working for them and get paid in return.

6. Network heavily with Prospective employers.


At Project Starfish, we do all of the above. But we are highly selective whom we train.

Project Starfish : For Students

Break out of the Catch 22 of having no Work experience!

Project Starfish for Students : Get your Work Experience

Project Starfish for Students:



Over here, we only focus on three things :

Experiential Learning , Empowerment and Engagement !

Experiential Learning :

Experience learning by doing. We are not a degree college. We focus on skills. Learn multi-skills. Learn how to communicate. Learn entrepreneurial thinking. Learn Businesses, processes, supply chains, products, customers, strategy, problems etc. Experience the power of thinking how businesses think. Experience real work. Learn to work as teams. Learn to manage people.

Empowerment :

Empower yourself with knowledge. Your skills are a function of your knowledge. Empower yourself with inspiration from the speakers we bring in. Empower yourself by working with other people who are also slowly working towards employment. Empower yourself by networking with businesses.

Engagement :

Engage with customers. Work with them. Earn money. Experience work that will help you sharpen multiple skills. The industry needs multi-skilled people with multiple experience. That’s the mantra!

If you have the dream and the will, Project Starfish will make a difference. It is a “free of charge” platform. We only cater to serious people. Send your resume to 


Contact us : Send us your feedback or send an email inquiry to

For Students : Graduating or Will Graduate

Please send us your resume. The Platform is free of charge, but we select the best. We choose Character over your Education