Why we do, what we do? : The Social Perspective

If you are sighted and reading this section, we would like you to think for 5 minutes that you are blind. No lights, No vision, Not able to read a book the way you read before, not being able to see your loved ones, not being able to walk the way you did before, not able to watch the best movie you did before, not being able to drive the car that you did before… and the list goes on! Fear creeps in, the chilling sensation of desperation and demotivation trickles in; and you feel this is your death. Most people fear blindness than cancer.

But no one wants to be blind themselves! Some are born with birth conditions, some develop blindness and some are inflicted by circumstances. But the truth is – no one voluntarily wanted to be blind. Despite these challenges, the blind stand as an inspiration today to anyone in society. Despite problems, challenges, society is yet to accept them. Humanity has taken a jet-set life forgetting its duty of lending ones hand to help them. Humanity has only been judgmental.

Can we work together with Empathy and Cooperation? Can we evolve? Can we create business and social impact at the same time. Read below for a bigger perspective.


Getting back to where we were, many blind professionals are :

  • Talented, well educated and can easily do what most people do like cooking, reading, work, email, use computers. Technology has changed everything. ( of course there are some things they cant do like driving a car, but some have climbed mountains)
  • Highly IT savvy. We suggest you look into this page ( Link coming later) and the videos how a blind professional can use technology that enables them to be equally good at work.

Problems :

  1. There is no business training program for them to learn contemporary skills. (There isn’t one for the sighted as well).
  2. No platform exists till date that teaches them how businesses work and to apply the skills with businesses.
  3. No structured experiential opportunity platform exists to include them with mainstream business.
  4. No business program exists that can bring in a talented blind person and ramp them up as a part of a workforce development program for a specific market. Infact there isn’t for anyone in the whole world whether blind/sighted.

We wanted to create a socio-economic business camaraderie with society where business impact will create opportunities for businesses and the blind. That is the reason we started Project Starfish. Over here, more the business impact it creates a similar amount of social impact. Probably the only business in the world that does both.