Picture of the Founder : Subhashish Acharya ( Subs)

Welcome to Project Starfish. Greetings from the founder: Subhashish Acharya ( a.k.a. Subs)

Brief Bio :

Subhashish ( or Subs) was born in Calcutta, India. From childhood, Subhashish who is sighted, has had several friends who were blind. His family owns eye hospitals, and he has met thousands of blind people while growing up. India probably has the highest number of blind population in the whole world, however he was appalled to see the plight of them in India. There was  no inclusion with society, no jobs or employment, high social stigma, low acceptance, no financial support but biggest there were hardly any opportunities available for the blind to succeed.

Subhashish, came to the United States with his wife Soumita, who is also the co-founder. On the third day in an absolutely new country they started volunteering for several organizations dealing with Blindness. The biggest thing they believed – “how can they make a difference, based on their talent and experience”?

Subhashish, who has a bachelors in Engineering is a consummate business professional. Over 15 years of business experience in Programming, Business Consulting, Management Consulting, Six Sigma, Operations, Business Development, Marketing and Industry experience. His Linkedin profile is here : http://www.linkedin.com/in/sacharya/. Currently he works as a Director at Oracle, managing the worlds biggest Management Consulting company in North America.

Subhashish and Soumita looked at the unemployment among the blind from a very different angle. They believed a new way, a very creative way needs to be propounded to solve the impending problem. That is how the Project Starfish model of employment was born. If you are interested to learn more about their work, and their vision please keep browsing.

Soumita Acharya is a Filmmaker, a Philanthropist and an awesome mother .

Soumita, a business graduate from Calcutta, is passionate about film making. A socially conscious person , Soumita is a believer of socio-economic equality. A resident of Lowell, she met several artists who were talented but weren’t marketing themselves. Soumita used a different technique called the “biography” method, where artists talked about their journey unfolding into art. The series on Artists were telecast via several local TV channels, and it was an instantaneous hit. Soumita didn’t stop at that. She realized there was need to promote the City of Lowell. Branding a city is a concept that exists only in big cities. Utilizing the same concepts a complete website for the City of Lowell was built. Check it here : www.BrandLOWELL.com 

Taking the skills of film-making, Soumita wanted to put her efforts into spreading awareness about blindness. She believed that the identity of the blind in the USA was exceptional compared to similar people outside the United States. It perhaps makes sense to showcase select events in the United States and spread it across the world. Soumita made 3 accessible films to illustrate the success of blind professionals. In total she has made over 15 short and long films totaling  over 2000 hours of film making work.

Picture: Soumita Acharya Co-Founder

Contact Subhashish and Soumita Acharya or just Say Hello! at 508.395.6379

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