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Project Starfish Logo

Project Starfish Founder’s : Subhashish and Soumita Acharya , have released the ownership of the company to its members. It means that the Board of Directors are blind and are the members of the organization. While Project Starfish is a program to create employable people among the blind, it is also a game of leadership where leaders rise and get a chance to manage a company. Every 6 months, a new set of new Board members are elected to ensure members get the opportunity to lead. It ensures a sustainable organization from all aspects.

Board Members

Details about our Members
President : We are looking for a New President

Secretary : Mr. Robert ( Bob ) Hachey

Bio: The first thing that sets Bob apart from any individual on earth is his all rounded professional skills. He is highly technical , a quick learner, has great business skills, and fantastic people skills. He is a great manager, trainer, mentor and leader, Bob has an MBA from Umass Boston. He is a go-getter,an acclaimed speaker, networker and a friend of friends. Bob is the key to developing the training at Project Starfish. The training program he has been developing is one of the main reasons why so many members have been able to learn and work with main stream businesses. He is skilled operationally , which is the result of several job experiences he has had in the past from selling computer equipment and scanners to managing large operations of Braille printing. Bob is a positive thinker, and possesses a straight cut-to-the-chase mentality. His humor will keep you spell bound for hours! Bob is a leader and is on the board of several Nonprofit organizations. He believes in the philosophy of Project Starfish, and is an exceptional hard and smart worker. Bob ensures all members that they ramp up quickly to become employable. Bob lives in Waltham, Massachusetts with his wife Donna.

Treasurer : Mr. Sunish Gupta

Bio: Sunish is the technical and business arm of the team. He has a Masters in Electronics from Florida University, and an MBA from prestigious MIT Sloan Management school with many of his courses from Harvard University. Sunish’s specialization is in information technology systems, Process Management and Innovation. Sunish is on the board of several start-up and nonprofit organizations including accessibility, electronics, etc. He has long been associated with screen reading and Braille technology, and has over 10 years of experience with information technology companies in the Silicon Valley, such as Texas instruments. Sunish travels extensively
and has visited several countries in Europe and Asia.

He is passionate about Management Consulting, and is building a team together of sharp blind business graduates to open a Business Analysis and Consulting practice with Project Starfish. Sunish is currently working with an information technology services company and a small business management consulting company. He is married to Jennifer Bose, and is blessed with two daughters, Abigail (5 years old) and Tara (1.5 years old). Sunish also has another daughter, from his earlier marriage.

Sunish is one of the nicest people you can ever meet. He is compassionate, a go-getter, loves to enjoy life thoroughly, and has a big vision with Project Starfish.