Project Starfish and Booz Allen : Diversity Strategy and Recruitment : A Webinar

Project Starfish developed a creative strategy to spread the message of Booz Allen Hamilton ( ) who are pioneers in Diversity Strategy and Recruitment to the masses. Given the fact, professionals of diversity have access to social media, a webinar to the communities is the best way to spread the message, create awareness of the Booz Allen’s diversity initiatives and the availability of of current jobs.


Professionals of diversity are usually not aware of these initiatives. On top of that, they are not aware of the range of jobs they can apply on their website. Having Booz Allen explain their strength in diversity and the recruitment process with the availability of jobs creates a better corporate image and hope for those looking for employment. Candidates now have the opportunity to interact live, ask questions, get feedback can now see the range of jobs available based on their skills and experience. Most professionals are really not even aware of it, despite the fact Corporates are investing immensely to solve the unemployment challenges for capable and experienced professionals. Corporates now get to share their entire strategy to a huge group of professionals, who also have the ability to watch the presentation after it is over, refer others, spread the word on social media and get opportunities to become employed.


Project Starfish and Booz Allen discussed the strategy and outlined a presentation. They worked with, a non profit that houses resumes of talented professionals with disabilities. AbilityLinks forwarded the news of the webinar to its contact base. Project Starfish professionals took the message to a broader audience with the following strategy:

1. The whole team comprised of highly talented professionals in 8 countries used Twitter/ Facebook and Linkedin to drive the branding, the message and the dates of the webinar – driving the registration across the North America.

2. This was followed by thousands of Tweets and Retweets to defined disability and Diversity groups who passed on the information to others, spreading the message to thousands, driving the registrations.

3. A Global team coordinated every aspect of the message starting from using intelligent messaging to Hashtags.

4. Project Starfish has immense contacts with disability agencies of the states, who in turn also relayed the message to thousands of professionals who are capable yet unemployed.


a. Total Participants during the presentation (Live) : 80
b. Total Registrations in just 2 days : 180
c. Total number of times the Registration link was opened : 1720
d. Total resumes received by Booz Allen : 23 candidates

NOTE: The date was only decided in a short time. The whole activity to drive registrations was executed in 2 days. Given the short tenure of announcement, the above results are exceptionally outstanding. Such is the power of partnerships with organizations like AbilityLinks and other diversity groups.


a. Customized Tweets designed : 30
b. Number of tweets in 2 days : 1,000
c. Number of Re Tweets : 3,000
d. Total emails sent : 50
e. Total calls made : 36


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Hello , thanks for dropping by! My name is Subhashish Acharya a resident of Boston. My wife and started Project Starfish to end unemployment among professionals with disabilities. We do not take donations, charity or handouts. Over the years we have created Project Starfish as a economic model based that scales countries resulting in employment of hundreds of professionals with disabilities in contemporary jobs. I work as a Director at one of the topmost software companies on the planet and act as the Chief Mentor at Project Starfish. I am passionate about the cause, and the immense success is a result of hard work. Project Starfish is completely changing the world of unemployment and creating possibilities of what people have been dreaming of for centuries - i.e. Equal Opportunity, Equal Employment, Inclusion and Diversity. Thanks and you can always email me at