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Image shows the words Writers Guild


Dear Writers,

My name is Bob Branco. I am reaching out to professionals with disabilities who have a flair for writing. If you know anyone with this particular talent, please forward my email. If you have questions, feel free to write to me at . I am hoping this will create better community involvement, income opportunities, inclusiveness, and the showcasing of our abilities. Please read the following article carefully. Remember, we are looking for the best of the best in professional writing.

Topic A: The Change in the Industry will create a need for writers – The need :

As you may know, industry is trending in a different direction. Uber operates the largest fleet of cars, but doesn’t own one. Facebook has become the biggest platform for marketing. Things are changing at a rapid pace. Today, speed is everything. It is not about ” Big Fish eating small fish. It is about fast fish eating slow fish”. Being that speed is the key, companies want to market more. They have to write emails, draft proposals, create campaigns, and proof read their work. Corporate writers spend 40% of their time in creating simplicity, brevity, grammar check, typo check and proof reading. The problem is that tasks like these are time consuming, and in some cases, rather costly. A lot of this writing work is being sent overseas. However, the quality suffers. Employers are actually happy to have it back in the USA.

Topic B: How to accomplish this need – Execution :

While there is a need for writing in business, imagine taking a writing job from the companies, analyzing it, and distributing it among professionals like me who have a flair for writing. By executing and working on pieces of the document simultaneously, the whole system speeds up. That is a huge business value for customers. Let me give you an example. A customer wants proof reading of a document of 200 pages. Lets say it will take 2 hours to proof read by 1 person. What if we had 10 writers who were given 20 pages apiece? Each writer proof reads his/her share in 30 mins, and someone collects and compiles it in 15 minutes. As a result, the job gets done in 45 minutes. That’s exactly what businesses need.

Topic C: Can we try as a team – The Opportunity :

What if we could find 10 writers who can be good with simple business writing, proposal writing, good grammar, good language skills etc., and create a small business network? What if we had a talent pool while working together as a team? That’s why we need a writers guild to make it possible.


My name is Bob Branco. I am part of Project Starfish, a platform that creates contemporary employment for professionals with a disability, creating opportunities by bringing talent, business value and inclusion in a modern world. At Project Starfish, no one is an employee or a boss. We are all entrepreneurs who have a desire to become business professionals, make money and show our ability.

What do you do Next:

It is simple! Send my email to anyone with writing talent or simply just send this url out ​ . We welcome you to join my team. Please send a small piece of your writing as well and your phone number so we can speak with you. Remember, you need to have a great attitude, a good amount of patience, ability to work together as teams and be responsible. We are trying to execute an idea that we believe will work. But we need committed people who want to do something different. Let me know if that interests you. If we have a lot of people reaching out to us, we will hold a contest, have fun and perhaps throw in a little cash as part of our contest. Lets say we choose 5 winners with each getting $20, and plan how we can execute on this idea.

Please reach out to me at :

Warm regards,

Bob Branco, Team Leader | Writers’ Guild |Project Starfish |